April 27th, 2015

Tech Talk: GoPro

If you haven’t already heard, GoPro’s are the next big thing and London Drugs has all the accessories and items you need to capture the perfect video. On Monday, April 20th, London Drugs tech expert David Levett sat down with anchor Darrell Rumold on CTV Morning Live in Regina to discuss the latest GoPro and some of the newest accessories to go with it.

The GoPro HERO4 Black is the most advanced GoPro ever. It features improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates. The high-resolution 4K30 and high frame rate 1080p120 video  enables a stunning, immersive footage of you and your world.gopro hero4 black

David discussed a few of the accessories that can be paired with the GoPro HERO4. The GoPro Scenelapse is a mount for the GoPro that gives a 360-degree panorama. David suggested attaching the mount to the top of a car to get a perfect circulating shot. For those that are interested in seeing what the world is like from their dog’s point of view, they can purchase the GoPro Dog Harness. David explained how individuals would be surprised by the images their dog’s see by simply attaching their GoPro to their pets.

For those that are into other activities such as target shooting, David suggested to check out the GoPro Gun Mount. Individuals can attach their GoPro to the end of their shotgun to document their target shooting. Or, for those that are into documenting the social events with their friends, the GoPro Selfie Stick is perfect for their social gatherings. The selfie stick gives individuals the ability to take photos of himself or herself with more than one person.

Solo_White_AngleHowever, the latest accessory to come into London Drugs stores that will take your GoPro filming to the next level is the 3DR Solo Drone. The Drone has the ability to take GoPro’s up to 400 feet and can be controlled as far as a mile and a half away from your starting location. Individuals can tap into the GoPro camera attached to the drone from their smart phone, giving them a bird’s eye view.

The GoPro and its accessories can be used for a variety of activities. Whether you like to document taking your dog for a walk, or view your house from 400 feet in the air, the GoPro HERO4 has accessories to give you what you need with a high quality, durable camera. Make sure to check out all the different GoPro accessories here.

April 24th, 2015

London Drugs hosts first #LDFotoCon Consumer Photography Show in Vancouver


London Drugs is pleased to present its first #LDFotoCon Consumer Photography Show taking place in six locations throughout the month of May. Customers can learn the ins and outs of digital cameras and photography with the help of expert photographers and representatives from top manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft and Fuji.

With workshops happening throughout the day, amateur and prosumer photographers can discover how easy it is to capture images that will take their photos to the next level.


April 10th, 2015

London Drugs Proud Sponsor of 2nd Annual Capture Photography Festival

IMG_4972London Drugs Photolab Prints High-Profile Exhibits for Local & International Photographers

The Capture Photography Festival has launched for the second year in Vancouver, celebrating both local and international lens-based artistic talent, and London Drugs is thrilled to once again be a sponsor for the event. Capture features dynamic, high-profile exhibitions from Vancouver’s leading galleries that aim to foster emerging talent and initiate public conversation about photography as an art form.

IMG_4966Building on Vancouver’s rich history of photography, including such photographers as Fred Herzog, Jeff Wall, and Roy Arden, many of the well renowned photographers being featured during the festival are working directly with the London Drugs photolab to produce archival, museum-quality prints, for the exhibitions. The experienced Photolab staff is working one-on-one with the photographers, using the lab’s cutting edge equipment, to produce the best quality prints possible. In fact, London Drugs Photolab technical specialist John Goldsmith is a professional photographer himself and was featured in the inaugural season of Capture Photography Festival. No one understands the relationship between lab and photographer better than John!

mini_editionsThis year, the London Drugs Photolab is producing prints for renowned photographers who are exhibiting their work in prestigious galleries throughout Vancouver as part of the Capture Photography Festival.

jessica_eaton_mini_editionProfessional photographers aren’t the only ones who are able to print their work at museum-quality, though. Whether you’re an amateur, freelancer, or professional, the London Drugs Photolab will use their state-of-the-art printing processes and experienced lab techs to process images worthy of a gallery exhibit- even if they’re for the walls of your own home.

February 6th, 2015

Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts

It’s that special quasi-holiday that inspires feelings of love and romance. Or dread. Or both. Well, at least when it comes to buying gifts, the Photolab makes it simple to give a gift that says any of the following:

  • I think about you
  • I have a special fondness for you
  • I value the time we spend together
  • I like doing nice things for you

That’s a Valentine’s Day Grand Slam, right there. The key, of course, is personalization. Photos are excerpts from life; memories we can see and feel. When you give a photo gift, you are actually giving someone a tangible, physical incarnation of a memory (whoa, how’s that for a romantic thought? Feel free to wheel that one out yourself for extra Valentine’s points—no extra charge!)

As for the type of photo gift you should choose, it will probably depend on two things:

  • Your relationship to the recipient
  • The significance that he/she places on Valentine’s Day.  You don’t want to misjudge this one.  Luckily, it’s not usually difficult to figure out.

From there, you’re sure to find the perfect gift somewhere on the spectrum of the Photolab’s awesome personalized gifts:

Keep an eye out for this flyer for some great deals. Consider it a message from Cupid.

Keep an eye out for this flyer for some great deals. Consider it a message from Cupid.


  • Gallery wrap: stretched around a frame, the printed canvas provides unmatched colour reproduction and richness. (More on gallery wraps here.)
  • Metal print: printing on an aluminum surface using special inks produces vibrant, shimmering colour that won’t fade. Perfect if your special someone appreciates the non-typical. (More info)
  • Photo plaque: if the standard frame isn’t your thing but you don’t want to get too fancy, an image printed on a composite plaque might be the ideal solution.
  • Crystal heart: It’s crystal. It’s heart-shaped. Could anything say, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ more?
  • Jewel box: Perfect for keeping that giant sparkling ring she’ll expect to receive soon after (kidding).
  • Puzzles and aprons: for those who appreciate a little whimsical humour with their Valentine’s Day, and personalizing it will ensure it remains a meaningful gift.

Whichever option you choose, you can create and order it online just like regular prints from the Photolab. You can even add a special Valentine’s Day icon to your photo gift or print for free—consult a Photolab technician for details. Making things even easier, most of these gifts are ready for same-day pickup. That’s it! The only real effort you’ll need to put into Valentine’s Day this year is finding an image of your and your special someone that hasn’t been photobombed.

February 4th, 2015

Happy Personalized Valentine’s Day

Please don’t tell me your plan is to just run out and buy your special someone an off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day greeting card. Because that would be textbook Valentine’s Day sacrilege.

After all, the only thing a typical greeting card has going for it is that it’s better than nothing. And when you get your special someone a gift that’s simply better than nothing, that’s exactly the message you’re sending—“Hi, honey. You’re better than nothing. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Choose your favourite photo to be placed onto one side of the mug.

Choose your favourite photo to be placed onto one side of the mug.

Personalized cards and mugs mean Love.

Personalized cards and mugs mean Love.

Instead, why not give a Valentine’s Day card that’s impossible to interpret as disinterest? A personalized photo greeting card from the Photolab, for example. Available in two glorious sizes, 5×7” and 8.5×12” folded, printed on glossy coated card stock with the 5×7” version also available on photo paper. And yes, they’re available as single prints so you won’t be stuck with a whole box of them.

If the object of your affections happens to enjoy both personalized gifts and warm beverages, perhaps a Valentine’s themed photo mug would be more appropriate. These can be printed not only with a high-quality image, but with customized text as well. In that sense, it’s like giving someone a Valentine’s Day card they can fill with their favourite Arabica blend. Another benefit to a personalized mug is its daily usefulness; the recipient can look at it every day, and whenever they do they’ll remember how you didn’t forget them on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you choose a card or a mug to bestow your personal Valentine’s wishes, creating either is fast and easy. You can create, customize and order your greeting cards in-store using the Home Edition kiosk; you can order a mug from the Photolab or in-store, just like ordering regular prints. Mugs are ready for same-day pickup while greeting cards are ready in just one hour. Each gift says, in its own way, “I care enough about you to NOT buy you something generic.”

February 4th, 2015

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the heart!

If you’re thinking about getting your special someone a photo gift, consider: just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to choose some lovey-dovey photo of the two of you.

I’m not saying lovey-dovey is anything to be ashamed of; I’m just saying it’s all a matter of context. After all, not everyone would feel comfortable using a photo mug at work if the photo is of a smoochy close-up. Obviously, the less embarrassing the image, the more widely the recipient will use or display the gift.

To some people, this says Love much more than a photo of a walk along the beach.

To some people, this says Love much more than a photo of a walk along the beach.

Remember, the best thing about a photo gift is the fact that you’ve taken the time to personalize it—not that you’ve used a photo of the two of you with your heads pushed together.

With that in mind, get creative! How about an action shot? Or a photo of the recipient accepting an award from work or their community, or some other proud moment? Or maybe you’ve found an amazing candid of the recipient with their children. Use a photo that reminds you of how special the recipient is to you.

However, if you want to raise the originality another notch, grab your camera and shoot some photos the recipient has never seen. They could be of the recipient’s favourite local place, or a landmark that has sentimental value for the two of you. Again, be original and creative—there’s no rule that the subject has to be a person! If you happen to think a pet photo would best bring a smile to the recipient’s face, all the better. I don’t think I’ve ever a met a pet who wasn’t game for some modelling.

Perhaps the best-case scenario of course, if you can get away with it, is to shoot some candids of the recipient without revealing their true purpose. The practice you’ll get will improve your photography skills exponentially, and the more candids you take the more likely it is you’ll capture a shot so perfect that the recipient will want to display your photo gift everywhere they go.

Then again, the recipient might really prefer that old photo of the two of you snuggled together with the sunset in the background—and that’s perfectly cool too. All you really need to do is trust your instincts and choose a photo that suits both the gift and the recipient. And as always, the technicians at the Photolab are a great resource, so feel free to consult them.

January 6th, 2015

Photo Publishing: An Easy Resolution to Keep!

Maybe you’ve taken plenty of awesome photos and can’t choose a favourite to print. Or you’d prefer to capture the memory of the whole holiday rather than one single day or event. The Photolab has your solution, with a wide selection of engaging Photobooks, or even a calendar. You can create any kind of Photobook you like; you may want something light, fun and portable, or perhaps you’d prefer a leather-bound coffee table book with a bit more gravitas. Check out this post to learn more about Photobooks.

In addition to the cover, you can also select from a variety of design templates for the actual pages—or you can opt for a clean, white page.

In addition to the cover, you can also select from a variety of design templates for the actual pages—or you can opt for a clean, white page.

Similarly, you have a wide range of calendars to choose from, as I’ve described in this post.

The best thing about Photobooks and calendars is how completely customizable they are. You can download the Photolab Home Edition software for free and use it to create exactly the kind of layout and page effects you want. You can build it, make changes and send it to the Photolab for printing without ever having to exit the software. For a full how-to or more information check out this post. (Oh… and before I forget, you can also use the software to create original greeting cards, which are a great way to send out personalized post-holiday thank you’s).


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