July 5th, 2015

Enter the 31st Annual Fresh Air Photo Contest!

You’re looking at the Grand Prize (or at least part of it). Truly a fantastic camera. And it could be yours…all yours!

You’re looking at the Grand Prize (or at least part of it). Truly a fantastic camera. And it could be yours…all yours!

Love summer? Love photography? Well then, you’re going to love this: London Drugs and The Lung Association bring you the 2015 Fresh Air Photo Contest from July 15-August 15. Amateur photographers from ­across Western Canada (that being BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ma­nitoba) are invited to upload their best photos befitting this year’s theme—‘My Canadian Summer’:

What does summer mean to you? Is it a cabin by the lake? Water skiing? Fishing? Camping? Golf? Are you a surfer by any chance? Contest organizers are looking for your interpretation of summertime in Canada. If you’re looking for inspiration, you may want to browse through some past posts here on the Photoblog. Whatever you do, don’t let this opportunity pass you by—you never know, it could be your chance to win one of the amazing camera packages listed below.


July 3rd, 2015

Summer Fun: Travel, Shoot, Enlarge, Repeat

SummerFunAutumn is a great season for photography. All those crisp, clear days, auburn skies, and of course, the turning leaves with their infinite variety of yellows, browns and reds. Winter lends itself to great photos also, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow. Bonus points for photos of sunlight refracted through icicles. Then again, there’s always spring, with rainbows aplenty and blooming foliage everywhere you look. It’s true: there really is no ‘offseason’ for photographers.


July 1st, 2015

Summer was made for photo books

Whatever your personal tastes and however you plan to use them, photo books are an ideal way to keep summer memories alive.

Whatever your personal tastes and however you plan to use them, photo books are an ideal way to keep summer memories alive.

Maybe you’re planning a cross-continental motorcycle trip this summer. Or maybe you’re taking the kids on their first-ever camping trip. Or, maybe your only plans are to set up the hammock in the backyard and watch the kids hurl themselves down a Slip N’ Slide. In any case, you have absolutely no reason not to commemorate your summer in photographs. Anyone who has ever been to this blog knows the official Photolab opinion on the matter: a true-blue photography lover should always be on the lookout, not only for the obviously magical photo-op, but also to capture the magnificence of everyday minutiae. Summertime, with its beautiful weather and loads of activity, offers these kinds of moments on an almost daily basis.


June 12th, 2015

Canon Baby Moments

If you’re a new parent, you understand the importance of documenting every new sound or gesture your baby makes for the first time. With your baby’s first steps or smile, photography is key to make those moments into memories that will last a lifetime – especially when your baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Quick tips to remember:
To easily capture your own baby photos, check out a few of these tips:

• Find a room with natural light – Natural light is key for the perfect soft-lighted photos of your child.
• Make use of your baby rattle or teddy bear – To capture your baby’s attention, think about bringing along one of your child’s favourite toys to keep the focus near the camera.
• Auto mode vs. portrait mode – Many people will shoot with their cameras on the full-auto setting, however portrait mode allows you to capture a great background blur with smoothed lines.

For more great tips on baby photography, make sure to watch the video below from Award-winning baby photographer, Stephanie Robin.

Choosing the right camera:
Stephanie also mentions some great options for camera bodies. A suggested camera for baby portraits is the Canon Rebel SL1. This camera is small, compact, and lightweight and is also easily useable with any Canon lens. In her shoot with Amanda and son Colton, she paired her Canon Rebel SL1 with the Canon 40 mm lens, which gives a sharp image with a nice background blur. For those that love to purchase everything at once, check out the Canon Rebel SL1 with 18-55mm lens package.

Additionally, the Canon Rebel T6i gives a crisp and focused picture. To add the 18-55mm lens to the Canon Rebel T61, try the Canon Rebel T6i with 18-55mm lens package. Share instant photos from your baby photo-shoot with Wi-Fi that easily syncs with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The variable angle touch screen LCD monitor enables shooting from a variety of positions without looking through the viewfinder.

The Canon 18-55mm lens compliments other Canon body frames as well. Shoot up to 5.0 frames per second and professional video with the Canon T5i 18-55mm lens. Or, make use of the 18.0 Megapixel images sensor designed for high quality photos with the Canon T5 18-55mm lens. Bring your camera along to family outings with a durable camera bag from London Drugs.

For more tips on capturing the perfect baby moments, visit your local London Drugs Photolab. Make sure to visit the London Drugs website for more information on camera models and lenses.

June 9th, 2015

Celebrate Dad!

Celebrate this Father’s Day with personalized gifts capturing your favourite moments.

Dads-mugFather’s Day Mugs
With this themed mug, they will remember this Father’s Day for years to come! This mug is 14oz and can be left or right handed.
Cookinstein_full_image_frontg Apron and Beer Steinsapron
Create something Dad will truly love! Bavarian-style porcelain beer steins and custom bib style aprons are perfect for barbecuing!
photobookPhoto Publishing
Create beautiful custom photobooks, cards, and much more on your Windows PC or Mac.
enlargementsEnlargements and Awesome Prints
Turn your photos into fine works of art up to 44”x100”
Turning your family photos into a year-long memento is an easy way to keep your memories alive.

3 easy ways to get printing!

Visit us in-store
Bring your favourite photos to your local London Drugs Photolab Kiosk!

Order online at
Londondrugs.com/photolab and pick up in-store or have them delivered!* (*cost of shipping extra)

Order from your mobile device
Get connected to londondrugs.com/photolab or if you’re already in-store, connect to our kiosk (we provide the cables!) or use our free wifi.

June 3rd, 2015

Top 10 End of the School Year Gift Ideas

With the final days of school coming to an end for the summer, it may be time to start thinking about how you would like to document your school memories. For parents or students who are looking to thank their teachers or coaches with a year-end gift, photo gifts are a great way to document those memories. The London Drugs photolab has come up with some ideas to capture end of the school year moments for teacher mementos, sports teams, or even school fundraisers.


cookboook For those students who learned to cook and create their own recipes in home economics class, a class cookbook is a creative way to document your favourite class dishes. A year-end cookbook can be designed from a compilation of each student’s favourite recipe. Gift your teacher with a custom made cookbook, or create one for each student to take home. Don’t forget to create a customized place mat to go along with your favourite cookbook recipes!


scrapbooksFor students who may be transitioning from elementary school to high school or from high school to post secondary, memories of your past schooling can easily be documented in a scrapbook. These mini albums are perfect for sharing and will keep your memories safe for years to come.

Mouse pads

mouse padMouse pads are the perfect gift for teachers or coaches that love all things tech. Whether they are enjoying some down time on the computer, or researching the next topic to speak about in class, your teachers and coaches will be reminded of the great school memories through a personalized photograph printed on their office mouse pad.


clipboardPersonalized clipboards are the perfect gift for active coaches, teachers, instructors, and group leaders. Print a photo on one side and add a personal message near the top or bottom of the board. Or, add a diagram of a soccer pitch, football field, baseball diamond, or hockey rink, which is perfect for coaches who illustrate plays and strategies with dry-erase markers.

Trading cards

cardsDo you have team spirit? Show off your team’s skills by creating personalized trading cards for your teammates. Construct a 16 pack of trading cards to document your teammates stats, or create a 52 set of playing cards dedicated to each member of the team.


Wrap up the end of the school season with a personalized bookmark to capture your favourite memories. Collages of photos are a creative way to document the best moments from that year. For book club lovers, create a personalized bookmark for your favourite book buddy. Or, for an easier way to keep tabs on material in textbooks, think about gifting your teacher with a bookmark.


puzzlePhoto puzzles are fun gifts ideas that are perfect for a variety of occasions. Give your teacher or coach something entertaining to do this summer by gifting them with a customized puzzle. Constructing the puzzle pieces will keep them occupied on summer vacations or rainy days at the cabin while also reminiscing over the memories of the school year.

Jewellery Box

jewellry boxFor students that loved their ceramics class, why not give your teacher a personalized jewellery box to store all of their ceramics treasures? The interior of the jewellery box is lined with soft, white, felt and is perfect for safely storing rings, necklaces, and other treasured items. Choose a photograph to mount on top of the jewellery case – perhaps a picture of you and your teacher.


calendarIf keeping on track is a challenge for you, a calendar to keep tabs of school classes or school events might be a necessity. The photolab has a variety of calendar designs and sizes so you can easily fit your agenda in your purse or bag while on the go. You can even customize each month of the calendar with class photos and give it as a gift to your teacher at year end!

Thank you cards

thank you cardsFor those teachers or coaches that have made a lasting impression, send them a thank you for all their hard work. Make sure to document some of your best moments through a personalized photo on a custom-made greeting card, postcard or magnet.

To add to the Thank you card and a gift that takes no time but can be personalized as your teacher or coach wishes, consider a London Drugs gift card as thanks for all of their hard work over the year. The gift card can be used for polish and pampering in cosmetics, travel readiness in cameras and photography or work essentials in computers.

For more great gift ideas from photolab, make sure to visit the London Drugs photolab at your local London Drugs location, or online at photolab.londondrugs.com.

May 28th, 2015

Bamboo Prints

While bamboo does work for portraits, its texture and rich colour reproduction make it an ideal medium for scenic nature prints. Your Photolab technician can help you explore all the possibilities.

While bamboo does work for portraits, its texture and rich colour reproduction make it an ideal medium for scenic nature prints. Your Photolab technician can help you explore all the possibilities.

According to the ever-reliable internet, bamboo paper was in invented in China around 105 AD. I believe that makes it the oldest form of paper after papyrus. Despite this history, few people seem to be aware that bamboo makes an excellent photo paper. While previous Photoblog posts have proclaimed the wonders of bamboo paper (most notably here, but these as well) I will briefly summarize why it deserves your consideration.

To begin with, there’s the texture. Bamboo as you probably know is a fibrous material, and the texture alone gives photo prints a rich, deep and ultimately unique look. Yet there’s an even greater benefit to this fibrous texture: it results in crisp, brilliant colour reproduction. The macro print described in this post offers an accurate account of the detail bamboo printing is capable of providing. You can also be assured that a bamboo print’s magnificent colour will last. Bamboo is one of those all-natural ‘super-materials’—long-lasting and ultra durable. If you’ve ever owned bamboo flooring, furniture or clothing you’re no doubt familiar with its toughness, and photo paper is no different. Images printed on bamboo paper experience little or no colour fading with time, which is why they’re often referred to as ‘archival’ prints. Being a long-lasting natural material, bamboo photo paper is also environmentally friendly.

Somehow, despite all of these benefits, bamboo prints are a surprisingly uncommon choice. This, however, ends up being yet another advantage because when people see a bamboo print on your wall chances are they have never seen anything like it before, which in turn makes you seem very original and knowledgeable about photography. Which, if you are already a fan of bamboo prints, you probably are.

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