February 3rd, 2016

Make an awesome photo collage with the new Photolab website!

Do you remember how you used to have to put collages on the wall? How you’d have to shop around for a frame with the precut matte—the perfect precut matte? And then if you couldn’t find one that would fit your prints, you’d have to choose new prints that would fit the precut matte? Of course, that’s if you want to the prints to be underneath the matte. If you wanted to place the in your prints on top, then you’d have to very carefully glue them, making sure each and every print was glued on perfectly straight…

Well, those nightmarish days are over! Thanks to the Photolab’s new, incredibly user-friendly website and in-store kiosks, making collages has never been simpler or more fun — or more customizable. To show you what I mean (and since I’m a total fan-boy of the new site because its simplicity makes it so easy to do demonstrations), here is a demonstration of how to make a collage from home using the website:


Start by going to the new & improved, totally revamped Photolab website. Choose the PRINTS category to select Posters & Collages.


February 3rd, 2016

Make a Personalized Valentine’s Day card using the new in-store kiosks!

Valentines Day 2016 will soon be upon us, and once again the Photolab is here to bail you out—only this time, like never before! If you’ve previously visited this space you are no doubt well aware that personalized greeting cards, created with actual photos that have true meaning to the recipient, are absolutely perfect for hitting it out of the park on occasions such as this. Now, thanks to the Photolab’s new in-store kiosks and website, these Valentine’s Day life-savers are more customizable than ever. Allow me to demonstrate the ease of making a personalized greeting card using the brand-spanking-new in-store kiosks available at all London Drugs locations:

Since these fancy kiosks are so new, I thought I would demonstrate how to use them to make a greeting card. So let’s do as the button says and get started!


January 6th, 2016

The future of online photo ordering is here!

This time of year there are plenty of things to look forward to… of course, there are all the cultural/religious/statutory holidays and the gifting and the feasting and general merrymaking associated therewith…. for nerds like me, this year there is also a certain movie release featuring wookies and lightsabers, which our nerd-hearts-and-minds have been anticipating since around March. However, for the good people at the Photolab and London Drugs as a whole, as well as anyone in Western Canada with a passion for the art of photography,  there is one more thing—one more big thing—to be excited about:

A brand new Photolab website and in-store kiosk—after months and possibly years in careful planning and development—are ready to roll.

The new website offers more creative ways to order not just prints and enlargements but fine art prints, photo gifts and all the Photolab’s products. It will allow you to securely start and finish your projects here, there, or anywhere – and there is no need to download software. I was fortunate enough to be granted a sneak peak at the ‘beta’ site to preview it for this post.


January 6th, 2016

Introducing the New Photolab Kiosks!

At last—the Great Rollout begins! Get up close & personal with the new & improved kiosks now at a Photolab near you.

Have you heard the news? The Photolab replaced their current convenient and user-friendly in-store kiosks with new, even more convenient and user-friendly in-store kiosks.

Vancouver Broadway & Vine was the first location to receive the upgraded machines, so I thought I’d stop by and give them a test drive for the Photoblog. Here is my recap, all photo journal-style and everything:
Here it is! Fully equipped and capable of reading all of your storage media. Simply touch the screen to get started.


November 30th, 2015

Attend a workshop on Make a Gift Day!

When you say ‘workshop’ around this time of year, the one at the North Pole probably springs to mind…but only slightly less famous are the in-store workshops at London Drugs. They’re free to attend and always cover informative subject matter, like demonstrating new camera tricks or how to create holiday photobooks or gift cards.

In fact, each London Drugs store will be hosting a workshop on December 3rd, a date that’s also officially recognized as Make a Gift Day. Hey, there’s a coincidence! So mark the date on a calendar and be sure to stop by your local London Drugs. While there won’t be any elves cobbling toys to load on a magic sleigh, it’ll nevertheless be a really fun and interesting workshop.

Visit here for more details.

November 30th, 2015

Photobooks for holiday gifts

Photobook2Photobooks belong in the category of ‘Ultimate Photo Gifts’—thoughtful, convenient, affordable, and fun. If you need more reasons or rationale beyond this, feel free to check out any of the several Photoblog posts devoted to them over the years.

Indeed, their benefits have been covered at length, and no one likes a redundant holiday-related photography blog post. Instead, this post will serve as a humble guide, helping you find the perfect kind of Photobook for the people on your list. If you’re browsing the different Photobook options and wondering who on your list should get which kind, here are few recommendations:

Hardcover coffee table photobooks—these seem as though they were invented especially for grandparents, aunts & uncles, or any other relative who beams with pride about your kids and can’t get enough of their exploits. You know they’d just love to have a customized book full of up-to-date pictures sitting on their coffee table as the central conversation piece when their neighbours and friends come over.

Softcover coffee table photobooks—more portable than hardcover, these are an option for the grandparents/relatives whom you know are more likely to bring the book with them to show around rather than wait for people to visit their coffee table. Starting at just $9.99, they’re also an affordable option for neighbours, sports teammates, co-workers or anyone else at the farthest reaches of your gift-giving radius.

Again, these are just suggestions: the extensive customizability of these Photobooks means that you can make any of them into anything for anyone. Speaking of which, as for how to customize the pages and/or covers, my suggestion is: play around. The Photolab software offers easy, user friendly access to every theme, frame, filter, mask, clipping, font and effect, so take the time to try them all out and find the ones that are best suited to your tastes—and the recipients. And as always, consult the expert technicians at your local Photolab for more tips and advice.

November 30th, 2015

Holiday cards, made personal in minutes

cardsSo…if you’re a regular reader of the Photoblog, and you read my post a while back about being proactive when it comes to getting your personalized holiday cards done, but you still haven’t done it, I have great news: you still have time! Not only that, but you still may even be able to qualify as ‘proactive.’

Also, if you’re a regular Photoblog reader, you’re probably aware that we’ve covered holiday cards extensively here on the Photoblog. And if you’ve ever made and sent even one, you’re already familiar with all of their benefits and their infinite superiority over plain ol’ standard off-the-rack cards.

For one thing, they are completely customizable, and therefore 100% original. You can tailor them to the preferences of the recipient(s): You can make them tasteful and elegant, modern and stylish, or completely over-the-top cheesy. Not only that, but you’ll find that doing so is surprisingly simple thanks to the intuitive Photolab home software—which, in case you were not aware, is completely 100% free to download and install. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of creation, simply click a button to send them for printing at the Photolab. You can send copies of the same card to countless recipients, or you can personalize each individual card.

Of course, if you’re really out of time or just don’t feel like doing any customizing, simply bring your image to the Photolab, where they will add a holiday template of your choice onto the left side. Available in 4×8” and 5×7” sizes and priced at $9.48 for 12 cards, complete with envelopes; additional copies are just 69 cents. Featuring same-day pickup and virtually zero effort on your part—but hey, they’re still a better option than off-the-rack in my opinion.

Of course, off-the-rack cards aren’t going away anytime soon. However, if you truly are a photography lover (and if you’re reading this blog, I suspect that’s the case), then I would urge you to show it! Search your archives for the perfect image, or even better, grab your camera and shoot one just for your greeting cards. It’s the perfect way to combine the joy of photography with the joy of the holidays.

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