February 3rd, 2014

Cards for your Valentines

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can proudly say that I {heart} making cards. Every time I see this topic on my assignment list, I do little happy claps. Card making! For Valentine’s Day! In the photo blog business, it doesn’t get better than this.

Valentine’s Day might be the most enjoyable card making season: Christmas is so rushed and the milder weather is too tempting at Easter. So find some photos, download Home Edition, and grab some wine and chocolate to get yourself in a Valentine-y mood for card making!

For Daddy or Mommy’s desk

Image 1 Mom and kidLet’s start with something super simple: a card that Dad or Mom can keep at the office all year round. Find a photo of the family and fill the front of the card with the image. Don’t bother with a border or text on the front of the card—this is essentially a beautiful photo with a sweet Valentine’s message inside.

A touching photo is all you need for a card that can be displayed all year. Here I used a subtle border mask to finish it off.

For Grandma and Grandpa

My parents lament that they have no more wall space for pictures—this reached a fever pitch about six months ago when they welcomed a new grandchild. Unfortunately for my parents’ wall space issue, my new niece is ridiculously cute, requiring a lot of prime real estate.

Image 2 Three kids

A photo Valentine’s card is perfect for wall-limited grandparents: since it stands up on its own, they can display it on the window sill without making tough decisions. (Note to Mom and Dad: I won’t be hurt if you want to replace the photo of my Grade 7 perm with one of the baby).

Grab a cute picture of the kids, dress it up with a simple clip-art heart, and a nice message inside, and your grandparent Valentine is ready to go.

This photo works especially well because the heart picks up the bright red of the child’s Tshirt.

For the boyfriend

Image 3 Be mineWho makes a big deal out of Valentine’s Day? Women with boyfriends! I’m sure there are some creative and thoughtful men out there who make cards as well, and to you, I apologize for directing this idea to the ladies.

For this card, you will need a friend with a good photographic eye, as well as a little red heart. Do your hair, get all glammed up, and pose like you are a top model. Remember to use natural light when possible, try lots of different angles to find the most flattering for your face, and stand with your body turned slightly to look slim and sleek (no photoshop required!).

With a wide white border and pretty red lettering, this card is unmistakably Valentine’s.

For the Husband or Wife

In my own experience, many married men have evolved enough to put together a sweet Valentine’s card, so this one is for all the married folks. Whether you were married last year or many, many years ago, wedding pictures are perfect for your card. I have been married nearly nineteen years, and I think we only looked at wedding pictures once in the last decade. It’s a lovely reminder of a happy day when I was young and pretty—what’s not to love about that?

Image 4 Wedding

This wedding photo is set off with a simple thin black border, vintage photo corners, and white romantic letters.

For the sister or brother

Image 5 SistersWhile we’ve got our old albums out, how about a card for your siblings? I spent my childhood being tormented by my sisters. They were very pesky and always into my stuff, not to mention whiners and the worst tattle-tails that have ever walked the earth. Today they are my best friends (and I forgive them for all of their childhood naughtiness).

For a contemporary take on a Valentine, a rough black border and heartfelt message look lovely with your vintage photo.

For everyone who wants to see photos of your baby

Image 6 BabyAs the mother of four children, I offer new moms the following advice: if you have a new baby, take a billion pictures in the most creative poses you can. Once they hit the teenage years, you will want lots of reminders of how cute and sweet they were when they started out. If your kids are as hard to potty train as mine were, you may need these pictures earlier than you think.

For a simple but ridiculously sweet Valentine’s image, wrap your baby in a red blanket, scatter some hearts on a white sheet, and snap away.  Repeat with appropriate colours and themes for every single holiday of their first year. Believe me, you’ll thank me in a few years.

This card has everything: chubby hands, cute face, lovely red accents, kissable baby skin. Instant Valentine smile.

Okay, one more baby photo

Image 7 Feet in heartWhat do I love more than chubby baby hands? Chubby baby feet! If you are lucky enough to have a willing baby-model this Valentine’s, take a look at this photo idea. Tiny feet and a hand heart! Now that’s a Valentine’s card to keep forever.

Such a sweet Valentine idea for all of your family and friends.

Get started!

To get started, choose your pictures, download Home Edition, and play around to find the perfect style and layout. If you want a simple photo card like the first ‘Mommy/Daddy’ example, drop by the photolab desk: you can have any photo printed as a card in about an hour.


By Angela Ford, photo blogger

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