May 9th, 2017

Dear Dads: let the Photolab uncomplicate Mother’s Day

Dear dads,

Guess what? Mother’s Day will be upon us very soon. I’m sure your kids are well aware of this and may have alerted you already, but in case they haven’t you can thank me later; not just for the heads-up, but also for the gift solutions that this post will provide. Gift solutions that are convenient, unique, and require zero popsicle sticks, rubber bands, glue, cotton swabs or dreaded glitter (it’s ok to admit this…all parents dread glitter to some degree. At least when it’s used by children in the home).

As this post aims to demonstrate, personalized photo gifts are tailor-made for Mother’s Day. They require thoughtfulness and creativity, yet they are so simple to create using the Photolab website or in-store kiosks that even pre-school and kindie-age kids can put them together with minimal adult assistance. In fact, my own six-year old daughter has agreed to help me create a personalized photo mug. She’s quite computer savvy for her age (and all kids her age seem to be computer savvy) but it was her first time using the Photolab site, and she was able to do most of it by herself — especially when it came time to create and customize the design.

One reason Photolab gifts work so well for Mother’s Day is because you can make them into a modern-day variation of the handcrafted gift simply by using an uploaded child’s illustration instead of a photograph. Here I’ve scanned a picture my daughter drew for her mom.

In case it’s unclear, what you are looking at is a dragon showing love to its human ‘mommy’ (I do NOT let my kids watch Game of Thrones, I swear). Although she knew it was for a Mother’s Day gift, I’m not sure why she opted not to colour this one or choose another of her myriad full-colour drawings. But hey, it is not the place of mortals to question the artist’s muse. Anyway, after she drew it I scanned it and uploaded it to my Photolab account.

She chose the template and dragged-and-dropped her image into it — all I had to do was help her type the words (I suggested she use her impressive printing skills to print them herself on paper and upload the scan, but she insisted on using the keyboard — just like a big girl).

The video picks things up from the Occasions > Select a Product page. As you can see, while she needed a bit of instruction and assistance, she was able to use the site to bring her artistic vision to life.

I stopped it there so that you wouldn’t have to sit there and wait for her to slowly type out her greeting. The next video (below) picks things up again after she finished typing her message.

Yes indeed — she wanted to keep shopping! If I had allowed her to continue, every living family member probably would have received a personalized Mother’s Day photo gift. As with most kids, she is a quick study when it comes to technology, and I have no doubt that she will need little or no help the next time she is inspired to create a photo gift for someone.

So Dads, if you’re looking for an original Mother’s Day gift, think of how surprised Mom will be when she opens a photo gift that’s been personalized just for her with her children’s artwork or pictures they took themselves. It could be a mug, a collage, a shirt or blanket, or a simple greeting card. Or take the kids to a Photolab location and let them choose the gift themselves. Hey, as long as it’s made with love, that’s all Mom cares about…right?

May 9th, 2017

Dear moms: drop some hints for Mother’s Day

Dear moms,

I don’t suppose I have to tell you that Mother’s Day is coming up. And we both know that as I write this, your earnest and loving children — perhaps guided by their well-meaning father — are thinking about what kind of gifts will adequately show their love and appreciation for all that you do.

Well moms, as a token of my appreciation for all that you do, I’m writing this post to help you steer them in the right direction. The Photolab, in case you are not aware, offers an abundance of gift items that work perfectly for Mother’s Day:

  • they require creativity and thought, yet are simple to build using the Photolab website or in-store kiosks;
  • they are practical yet have lasting value in the memories they help share, and can be made to suit any and all personal tastes;
  • they are reasonably priced, with great gift ideas to fit any budget.

Best of all, they are gifts that kids of any age can create; with a little adult assistance, even the little ones can bring their gift ideas to life. That said, it never hurts to drop a few hints if there is something you’d prefer to receive. And that is really where this post comes in.

Below are some past Photoblog posts that feature some great Photolab gift ideas, most of which include a brief tutorial on how to create them. Feel free to have a quick read and share on the one(s) whose gifts you’d like to receive on Facebook, Pinterest, or whichever social media outlets are most likely to be seen by your kids, well-meaning fathers and it anyone else it may concern.


Photobook, photo album, what’s the difference?

It’s Time To Build a New Photobook


Personalized greeting cards and mugs:

Make a Personalized Valentine’s Day card using the new in-store kiosks!

New Easter Templates for Cards and Mugs


Photo blankets:

Photo blankets are a real thing


Photo collages:

Make an awesome photo collage with the new Photolab website!


And here are a couple more great gift hints from the Photolab that haven’t been the subject of recent posts but are droppable all the same:

Smart phone & iPad cases


Even better, while there is still time, browse the Photolab site yourself or stop by your local London Drugs and check out all the Mother’s Day gift ideas for yourself — and remember to share, share, share anything you like. After all, picking up subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) hints is also a life skill all kids should learn.


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