November 10th, 2011

Express yourself in a Flash

Introducing expressbook, the newest member of the London Drugs photo family. Quick, simple, and beautiful, expressbook is a hassle-free way to print your memories into a gorgeous keepsake. Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating your first expressbook.

  1. Choose 20 or 40 photographs. Perhaps these pictures tell the story of your vacation, your big party, your loveliest landscapes, or your baby’s first year.
  2. Save your pictures in a separate folder. Put them in the proper order (try renaming the files with a number at the beginning, for example):
    1. rehearsaldinner.jpg
    2. decorating.jpg
    3. gettingready.jpg
    4. bridalbefore.jpg
  3. Copy the folder and photos to a CD, SD card, or thumb drive
  4.  Take your file into London Drugs Photolab. Load your device at our photo kiosk and order 20 or 40 4”x6” prints.
  5. At the desk, tell the Photo Specialist you would like to order an expressbook.

Simple! Requiring no software, your photos will be duplex printed, one on each side of a page, and bound into a lovely square book. Ready in about an hour, expressbooks are as fast and simple as ordering prints.

For more information about expressbooks, come into our London Drugs Photolab. We would be delighted to answer all your questions.

Written by Angela Ford, Amateur Photographer

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