November 10th, 2014

Personalized Calendars

London Drugs Photolab home software transforms the calendar from cheesy into a highly valued personal gift.

London Drugs Photolab home software transforms the calendar from cheesy into a highly valued personal gift.

No question: traditional wall and desk calendars are widely regarded as belonging in the pantheon of notoriously tacky holiday gifts—along with socks, neckties, and of course, the virtually indigestible holiday fruitcake.

However: what if, instead of the typical, generic store-bought calendar featuring kittens, landscapes or cartoons, you gave someone a personalized calendar featuring photos of them and their loved ones? Personalization transforms the printed calendar from a throwaway gift into a thoughtful and relevant keepsake that the recipient will appreciate every single time they look at it. Best of all, it’s something you can create yourself using the Photolab Home Edition Software.

I’ve written about the Photolab home software at length in previous posts (most notably here ). Just like Photobooks, using the software to create a calendar involves a lot of easy importing, clicking, dragging and dropping. Its WYSIWYG design makes it extremely functional yet simple to use, and allows you to customize most elements of the calendar. Basic prompts guide you step-by-step through every stage of creation from size selection through to ordering. Refer to the for available sizes and pricing.

Obviously, personalized photo calendars are a massive hit with grandparents (12 whole months of big, beautiful photos of the grandkids? It’s every grandparent’s dream!), but they are a great gift idea for others as well. Say, for example, your spouse and some friends took a dream mountain biking vacation to Moab Salt Flats —of which they no doubt took plenty of photos. Imagine if you were to turn some of those into a 12×18” calendar packed with glorious images from the trip. Few gifts would do a better job of bringing your partner a little bit of happiness every day of the year (especially for the price). And speaking of bringing someone happiness, a calendar featuring all your favourite moments of the year also makes a great gift for yourself.

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