March 21st, 2013

Print square: five great ideas!

How many ways can you print square? Take a look!

Square tiles
Your image is sublimated into a white ceramic tile that can be displayed or incorporated into a larger mosaic.


A square tile, here displayed in a pecan frame.

Gallery wraps
Printed on canvas and stretched over a frame, gallery wraps add a chic and modern look to your décor. A gallery wrap’s image extends around the edges to give a finished look.

Jewel box
Your image is printed on the top of a glossy black jewel box, perfect as a gift on its own, or as a way to present a special present like jewellery, a child’s craft, concert tickets, or a gift card.


The jewel box is roughly 5 inches square, with a soft lining to protect special items.

Available in singles or sets of 4, coasters are printed in high gloss and are resilient to moisture and scratches.


Photo coasters are a fun way to share your square images, both indoors and out.

Fine art paper
For your most beautiful square photos, consider enlarging and printing on fine art paper.

• Bamboo paper has a beautiful texture and is made from bamboo and cotton fibres. This paper shows colours and details off at their finest.
• Metallic silver paper has a high-gloss, scratch-resistant surface. Prints have a unique pearlescent finish that provides exceptional image clarity.

See for yourself!
To see samples of our print-square products, drop by the London Drugs photolab. We would love to show you the cool ways we can display your square images.

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