December 19th, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Photo Gifts

What is thoughtful, unique, and fits comfortably in a Christmas stocking? Our express photo gifts! Mini calendars, expressbooks, and greeting cards are perfect last minute stocking stuffers, and they are ready the same day, often in about an hour.

Creating your express photo gift is very quick and simple. Here’s a step-by-step to great stocking stuffers.

  1. Choose your product
    Mini calendars: At the convenient size of 4” x 8.5”, a mini-calendar is perfect for a stocking or small gift. Mini calendars are printed on photo paper and coil bound.
    expressbooks: These simple photobooks are printed on photo paper, one image per page, and bound with a classic black cover. Small expressbooks contain 20 images; large expressbooks contain 40 images.
    Greeting cards: Available in two sizes—4” x 8” or 5” x 7”—customize your greeting card with borders, clip art, and a personal message.
  2. Pick your pictures
    Our customers often choose from their photo highlights of the year, and we also see creative, unique ideas. Avid wildlife photographers make their own nature calendars and travellers make books with their best vacation shots. Sports teams create expressbooks of their season’s highlights and parents make art calendars with scanned pictures painted by their kids. Perhaps the most beautiful calendar we have seen was created by a gardener—she chose month-by-month beauty shots to showcase her botanical year.
    For a mini calendar, you will need 13 images.
    For an expressbook, you will need 20 or 40 photos, depending on the size.
    For a greeting card, choose one great shot that sums up your holiday message.
    Save your photos on a thumb drive or memory card as they allow the fastest transfer. We can accept the images on CD or DVD but these media types will take longer to transfer your images.
  3. Come and talk to us
    Come to your nearest London Drugs photolab and talk to one of our experts. Express photo gifts are built in our store—it takes only a few minutes, and we will walk you through the process.
    For a calendar, it helps if you choose an image for each month beforehand.
    For an expressbook, jot down the order of your photos. This will make the ordering process even faster.

When you are happy with your file, we will give you a specific pick up time. Express photo gifts are often ready in an hour, and occasionally they will be finished later that day.

Questions about last minute photo gifts? We would be happy to help! Come into the photolab and talk to one of our experts.

Written by Angela Ford, amateur photographer

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