May 27th, 2014

Are your images on the wall?

A few months ago my wife and I went shopping for an art print for our master bedroom wall. Not exactly art scholars, we were mostly looking for something that would ‘tie the room together’ as the saying goes. We ended up buying a canvas print that we liked as much for the bevelled frame as the artwork it contained.

We’re now looking to replace an art print in our living room. Out of curiosity, I counted all the photos that are currently on display in our home; I then checked how many images are in my computer’s photo library. The result was surprising, to say the least:

Images in my photo library: 8,756
Images on our wall: 23

As insane as this ratio is (and it doesn’t even count the images on my wife’s computer), I can’t help thinking that many people are in the same situation; their photo libraries keep expanding with a wide array of photos—many of which are probably amazing and deserve to be shown with pride, yet when they need to hang something on a wall their first instinct is to browse a furniture store for an affordable yet decent art print.

What more people should know is that photo art prints can be every bit as artistic and visually impactful as a print of a painting. And since it comes from your very own photo library it can have just as much meaning, if not more—and on a much more personal level. It’s definitely something I wish I’d considered sooner.

For those who don’t know, I’m not simply referring to an enlarged print on standard photo paper; images can be printed on a variety of fine art papers as well as metal prints and canvas gallery wraps. Fine art papers include canvas, bamboo and metallic silver prints.

Metallic silver paper features a print surface with a scratch-resistant high-gloss metallic finish. The paper offers a unique pearlescent finish that allows for exceptional image clarity and brilliant colour reproduction.

Metal prints, meanwhile, are created by infusing dyes directly into specially-coated aluminum sheets, giving your print a luminescent quality with a high gloss finish.


A 16×20” metal print. You may notice how it has a glassy, reflective sheen to it. A very modern look that would be great for an accent wall.

Bamboo paper is made from 90% Bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. This environmentally friendly and finely crafted paper offers maximum aging resistance and provides an extremely large colour gamut. The paper’s ultra-matte, naturally white surface lends itself well to warm-toned colour and monochromatic prints of fine art photography and art reproductions.

For depth and texture that makes a great photograph look absolutely brilliant—and to imbue it with the qualities of a gallery portrait—you simply can’t go wrong with a canvas gallery wrap. Using specialty pigmented inks with archival qualities, your image is printed on premium fine art canvas and hand-stretched onto a deep wooden frame. A gallery wrap is the perfect option for those larger wall spaces like the living room or office.

A stunning canvas gallery wrap with a floating black frame.

A stunning canvas gallery wrap with a floating black frame.

I’ll be exploring each of these options in more detail in upcoming posts; my main point here is that no matter what kind of image you’d like to put on the wall, from a panorama to a close-up, you’ll find the perfect photo art print option for virtually any space. While prices vary, they are definitely comparable to quality art prints of a similar size.

Best of all, if you’ve ever used the London Drugs Photolab to order a set of regular prints, you can order any fine art print or gallery wrap the exact same way. In fact, the only part of the process that might prove difficult is sorting through your massive photo library to find the right images for your wall.

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