Camera Firmware

Here’s some helpful information on camera firmware upgrades. What are they and why do you need to know?

Firmware is a basic program that resides on, and controls various aspects of your camera, camcorder, or various electronics devices. From time to time, manufacturers may make available a new version of the firmware to add functions, improve performance, or in rare cases to fix a “bug”. For example it may upgrade the way your menus appear, add new language capabilities, or significantly improve functions like lens focus speed. New firmware may be made available very soon after a new product is released, at some later date, or perhaps never, so it is a good idea to check from time to time. You may be missing out on some valuable product enhancements!

The firmware upgrade is made available from the manufactures website as a set of read-only instructions that may be downloaded direct to your camera via a USB cable or perhaps a memory card that is then inserted into your camera. You should make sure you are on a Canadian website since it will provide a version that is compatible with product sold in Canada.

Read the instructions on the website very carefully before you download anything. It is not difficult to do, but cannot be undone outside of the service department so be sure before you go ahead! Make sure your battery is fully charged as the upgrade can take a while and use lots of power. Also, if you recently purchased the camera, check your menus to see if it mentions what firmware version number you are using. The manufacturers website will usually indicated what version number is applied to the upgrade so you can check and see if it is even necessary. Some firmware upgrades (such as some from Nikon) may have two parts labelled A or B. Some updates will perform either A or B, and some will perform both one at a time. New firmware versions will overwrite older versions and include all previous updates.

To help you get started, we have listed some Canadian website links below…..if you have a brand that is not listed, go to their Canadian website and type “firmware upgrades” into their search feature.

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