May 26th, 2014

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Perhaps you’ve snapped a photo that you’re especially proud of and want to display in your home or office.

Or maybe you’re just tired of looking at a bare wall, or that framed black & white poster of the Manhattan skyline you bought at the discount furniture store back when you were a student.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to display a work of art that is personal, unique and beautiful, you simply can’t go wrong with a canvas gallery wrap.

What is a gallery wrap?

Using specially pigmented inks with archival qualities, the image is printed on a fine art canvas—which is then stretched around the sides of a 1.75″ frame and secured to the back. Since the printed image is a “full-bleed” (i.e. printed right to the very edge of the canvas, with no border) the image wraps around the side of the frame. This allows for presentation with no art frame required.

Gallery wraps don’t need a frame or border; but you can choose either a black or white one, or as in this case, a floating black frame

Notice how the canvas is wrapped around the edge, which is why it can be hung without a frame.

Notice how the canvas is wrapped around the edge, which is why it can be hung without a frame.

The added depth and dimension of a gallery wrap can lend a great photo the presence of a true work of art. High-quality canvas is also one of the best ways to preserve the image’s colour and contrast; if you care for it properly (meaning keep it dry and do not apply water or liquid cleaning solutions), it will last for many years with no noticeable fading whatsoever.

Easy to order—and customize

You can order a gallery wrap from the London Drugs Photolab just like ordering a standard set of prints. Sizes range from 40×60″ all the way down to 9×9″, so you don’t need to be staring at a vast empty wall to consider a gallery wrap. The Photolab site provides recommended image size and resolution for each size of wrap. You can choose from a variety of rectangular dimensions as well as square, perfect for anything from a panorama to a close-up portrait.

Apart from size, there are many other ways to customize your wrap. While the wrapped canvas requires no border, you can choose to add a white or black one if you wish. Certain wrap size also have the option of a black floating frame. If you want to add a descriptive caption or a gift note, a custom message can be printed over the image. These little touches can make your gallery wrap even more unique, and make it the perfect complement to your home decor.

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