April 14th, 2014

Spring in Miniature: An Introduction to Macro Photos

Spring should be the official season for Canadians—after our long winter, we crave the warmer wind, the melting snow, and those first delicate buds.

Spring foliage can be very subtle or bold and brilliant, providing a delightful range of subjects for macro photography. So with my camera and external flash in hand, I set out to practice snapping macros.


April 14th, 2014

In time for Mother’s Day: Family Tree Calendar

London Drugs Moments Photo Calendars

I have a shoe-box in my closet that’s filled with vintage family photos. Every year or so I stumble on this box of treasures, and I take a few minutes to browse through.

This made me think, how can I get these little gems out of my shoebox and somewhere where I can enjoy them year-round?

This month’s photo project is a family tree calendar, one that incorporates all of your loved ones, past and present. Here’s how I put mine together.


April 14th, 2014

Little tricks for first class Grad photos

grad photosIf you have a new graduate in the family, you are about to embark on one of the biggest occasions for photography. Along with weddings, graduation is a milestone event that we want to capture in gorgeous colour.

Photographing a special event, particularly one this big, can be a daunting task. We have some tips to take dynamic, beautiful images that will memorialize this big day.


February 26th, 2014

A new lens, a new perspective

The magic of a digital SLR camera is all in the lens. From wide angle to telephoto, different lenses can give you a radically new perspective, and spectacularly gorgeous images.

I am an avid amateur photographer who has investigated the capabilities of my kit lens. I love it, particularly at its widest angle. But I would like to explore something new, so I turned to Bryan, my local expert at Ladner London Drugs. Bryan sold me my DSLR three years ago, and has patiently answered questions whenever I need information for this blog.

It was a quiet morning when I went into the store. Bryan agreed to show me a variety of lenses that would fit my particular camera (I have a Nikon D5000).


February 3rd, 2014

Cards for your Valentines

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can proudly say that I {heart} making cards. Every time I see this topic on my assignment list, I do little happy claps. Card making! For Valentine’s Day! In the photo blog business, it doesn’t get better than this.

Valentine’s Day might be the most enjoyable card making season: Christmas is so rushed and the milder weather is too tempting at Easter. So find some photos, download Home Edition, and grab some wine and chocolate to get yourself in a Valentine-y mood for card making!

February 2nd, 2014

Posing for Romantic Couples Portraits

Your friend just got engaged, your parents are celebrating a big anniversary, or your sister is looking for a special gift for her beau on Valentine’s Day? Grab your camera because romantic portraits are a great way to improve your skills (and to create a special image for people close to you).

To start off: Fill the frame with faces

Image-1-Fur-hatsZooming in for a close-up is the perfect start to a couple’s photo shoot for one important reason: this is your chance to look at the light and how it hits their faces. Look for bright spots, hard shadows, and flattering angles. Note that too much light can be as much of a problem as too little, casting hard shadows and making people squint. You may want to shoot in a shady area, or later in the day, so the light is gentler.

February 1st, 2014

Romantic portraits with backlighting

Don’t shoot into the sun!

It seems like it’s a golden rule of photography, and for good reason. The camera’s light meter looks at the amount of light in all parts of the frame, and chooses the best average exposure. If you have a person surrounded by a very bright area, the person will be underexposed if you keep your camera on ‘Auto’.

Backlighting can be a beautiful effect, however, especially with portraits. The bright light from behind gives a romantic glow around your subject, and if you can get your exposure right, this technique produces lovely portraits.

ScarfImage 1: This backlit portrait has a beautiful edging of light, while the face is still properly exposed. The effect is light and romantic, and extremely flattering.

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