November 10th, 2011

How to Create Custom Cards with Home Edition

Follow the Cards Wizard in your Home Edition software (available as a free download) and you are guaranteed a quick, simple and gorgeous card. For those of us who are more adventurous, however, Home Edition offers a lot more. this is a neat little layout program that gives a huge range of creative possibilities.

Step 1: Open the Design Program

  • To begin, first launch the Cards Wizard. Select Greeting Cards > Create New and then press Next.
  • You will be prompted to choose your card format (portrait or landscape, postcard or folded), and your card size.

  • Now click Skip to Design. This will exit you from the Wizard and launch the freeform Design.

Step 2: Add and Position Your Pictures
At the bottom of the screen is your photo tray. Don’t be shy about adding photos – the tray is a working space for you to access images you might want to use. You can add as many photos as you like – some you will use, some not.

  • To choose your pictures, click on the + button and select from your hard drive.

The Card Design program assumes you would like one large photo on the front.

  • To place this main photo, drag and drop one of your images onto the card.
  • In the centre of your photo, you will see a circle surrounded by four arrows. Click and hold to move the image within the frame.

If you want to add more photos to the front of the card, you first must decrease the size of your first image.

  • Click and hold the image to move it.
  • Click and hold on the blue corner to reduce the size.

Now drag and drop other photos onto the card. You can rearrange them and resize them anyway you like.

Don’t like a picture? You have two options:

  • drag and drop a different image on the frame
  • highlight the image and press delete to remove the picture, frame and all.

Step 3: Add Clipart and Text
To add text, you must first create a text box.

  • Select Personalise > Insert Object > Text. A text box will appear on your card.
  • Type in your text, choose a font, size and colour, and position the box the same way you position an image.

To add clipart, take a look at the right-hand menu.

  • Select from a number of different themes, and choose your clipart.
  • Drag and drop onto your card. Position as you would position an image.

Step 4: Create your card’s inside and back
When you are happy with the front of your card, build the inside and back the same way. The top tray contains each layout view.

  • Click on Card Inside or Back, add pictures, text and clipart.

Step 5: Proof your work and send it to London Drugs
When you are happy with your card, Home Edition will analyze your card for resolution, empty text boxes, and other layout errors.

  • Select File > Preflight/Preview
  • Home Edition will generate a pdf file for you to proof (you will need Acrobat Reader).
  • Print it out and examine carefully for errors.
  • Click on Send to London Drugs Photolab. Your file will be uploaded to our server, and you will be able to choose quantities and where you would like to pick up your cards.

Once you know the basics of layout design, have fun creating your cards. Experiment with different borders, artwork, layout and photos. Here is a completely different look using the same photos.

If you ever need help, come into your nearest London Drugs Photolab with your file. Our Photolab specialists know Home Edition well, and we would be pleased to help.

Written by Angela Ford, Amateur Photographer

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