November 4th, 2015

The best of mobile printing

Choose a photo, take a photo, print a photo. The Photolab’s mobile site makes it just that simple.

Choose a photo, take a photo, print a photo.

Mobile phones seem to have replaced the computer as people’s go-to technology. It used to be that you had to first upload your images from your camera to your computer, and then order prints (side note: I can hear myself beginning to sound like my Dad, my Uncle, and every other old guy in my family who seems to start every sentence with “it used to be…”). However, thanks mostly to flash memory and ‘the cloud’, people don’t need to bother storing their photos on a computer hard drive. So shouldn’t you also be able to order prints directly from your mobile device?

Well, now you can. In fact, the Photolab offers two ways to print your favourite photos directly from your mobile device:

Order Online

Featuring the same-day service, shipping and pickup options available through your computer. Because it’s the exact same Photolab site, only optimized for your mobile dealie.

  1. Open your favourite browser on your mobile device and go to
  2. Browse the Photolab’s great selection of products.
  3. Click GET STARTED
  4. Choose the photos from your mobile device by selecting your device
  5. Order your products and pick-up in-store or have them delivered.

Order in-store at Photolab kiosks with a cable


The Photolab’s mobile site makes it just that simple.

By connecting to the Photolab’s in-store kiosks, you can do things like make edits to your photos and order bulk images (100 prints or more at a time).

  1. Plug in your mobile device directly into our in-store Photolab kiosks.
  2. View and edit your photos on the monitor. Use the enlarge and crop tool to edit the photos just the way you like them!

These two options make ordering prints as simple as any of the thousands of other types of mobile shopping. Now, anywhere there’s internet connectivity, there’s a Photolab to serve you.

February 10th, 2014

Why print your photos?

Why Print Your Photos?

By Angela Ford, photo blogger

As technology progresses, I find myself printing less and less onto paper. I have had my current computer for nearly three years, and I only recently figured out how to print documents from it. As a writer, creating documents is my livelihood, yet I almost never print them out. Pictures are different, however: I print them as cards, calendars and books, or simple 4×6 prints that fit perfectly into an envelope.

To figure out why we still want printed photos, I did an unscientific poll (I sent out an email) of an unrepresentative group of people (my friends and family). I asked them, why do you still print pictures? Here’s what they said. READ MORE

October 7th, 2013

Create The Perfect Card

By Angela Ford, photo blogger

Shopping for cards can be a frustrating experience. The image, the words, the look must be just right to truly communicate the sentiment. I spend a long, long time looking for the perfect card, and by the time I realize the third one was the best, I am on the seventeenth card and I can’t remember what #3 looked like.

Making your own photographic greeting card is about the same cost as a nice greeting card, but it is tailor made by you. Choose a personal photo and say exactly what you want and your card will deliver precisely the right message.

To get your creative juices flowing, I created some sample cards using Home Edition. (You can download this free software here).

Anniversary card

Greeting Image 1 Wedding

September 16th, 2013

The Great Photo Makeover: Part 5 Vacation Photobooks

Last month I started the Great Summer Photo Project, an endeavor to get my photos off the hard drive, out of the shoeboxes, and into books and albums where I can enjoy them.

Part 5 is all about making vacation photobooks.

Do it right away

My aunt is a seasoned traveller who has two habits when she returns from vacation: she unpacks the suitcases immediately and she organizes her photos into a vacation photobook within a week or two.

I’ll admit that it takes me few days to sort through the suitcases of six people, but I have started making vacation photobooks right away (click here to see the book I made from my New York pictures). It is very satisfying to get the photos edited, the bad ones deleted, and the images on paper.

So this weekend, in the midst of new school busy-ness and extracurricular chaos, I carved out a couple of hours to make my summer vacation book. Here’s how it turned out.


September 16th, 2013

The Power of Prints


How printing on paper is the ultimate photographic expression

It really is a golden age for photography, and digital technology is the reason. Nearly every aspect of the process is better in digital, from seeing your image as soon as you press the shutter to fixing images in post production. Sharing photos is also simpler—with a press of a button, I can share my image with the world just seconds after I take it.

There is one drawback to digital technology, however: viewing images on the screen will always be like shopping through a window. You can see the shape and colour, but the experience pales to that of touching the item, holding it in your hand, looking at it with no barrier in between.

The limitation of the screen

The screen of your computer, tablet, or smartphone has a limited size and resolution. Consider this: a quality 4×6 print has a resolution of 300 dpi, compared with an emailed photo of 72 dpi. This means that a basic print has more than four times the resolution of a digital photo.

August 26th, 2013

Restoring Old Photos


The Great Photo Project: Part 4

By Angela Ford, photo blogger

Last month I started the Great Summer Photo Project, an endeavor to get my photos off the hard drive, out of the shoeboxes, and into books and albums where I can enjoy them.

This month’s topic: correcting, restoring, and retouching old photos.

Do-it-yourself retouching

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I love to play around with photo editing. That said, I am just a dabbler—so I called up Nikki Castonguay, Photolab Production Manager, to get an expert opinion. What kinds of restorations can a beginner do, and which are best left to experts in photo retouching?

This is a broad question, but can you give me a general idea of photo restorations that are easy for home users?

Well, it really depends on how much experience the customer has working with correction software. A lot of hobbyists are quite adept at fixing little things. It can’t hurt to play around to see what you can do—you can always undo your changes. My best advice is to make a digital copy of the image as a backup before you start.

August 26th, 2013

The 1-Hour Mom’s Calendar


By Angela Ford, photo blogger

It’s the time of the year that moms love… and dread. Hooray, the kids are back in school and out of my hair! Boo, the fall schedule is starting up, with all of its driving, extracurricular activities, professional days, and school events.

To get organized, I present to you the 1-Hour Mom’s Calendar, a quick way to plan out your school year, get your family organized, and enjoy your vacation pictures throughout the year. READ MORE

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