September 29th, 2017

Save Your Photos Day: Tips for Safeguarding Your Most Precious Memories

Historic family photos are often relegated in shoeboxes to the attic or basement. Others are proudly showcased in frames hung on the wall, or in photo albums. Whether they’re hidden away or displayed in the home, the reality is that print photographs are susceptible to degradation. National Save Your Photos Day is September 30th, and it’s the perfect opportunity to stop and think about what you can do to protect your precious photo memories.

Environmental factors such as light, heat and humidity can cause photos to fade – especially those taken between 1936 and 1990, due to the methods of film processing used at the time. The other threat to your photos is a disaster such as a fire or flood. Generations worth memories can be destroyed in just moments. Without duplicates or digital backups, those memories will be irreplaceable.

For peace of mind, and to ensure your photos survive the test of time, our LD Experts recommend saving your photos using these helpful steps:

  1. Scan your photos and negatives

The first step in preserving and protecting your photos is to digitize them. You can either use an at-home scanner to digitize them yourself one-by-one, or our Photolab can help. Use our Photo Scanning Box service to have mass quantities of your photos digitized all at once. Just pick up a box from our Photolab, take it home and fill it with 800 photos, negatives and even old documents like birth certificates, and bring it back to any London Drugs Photolab location. The service is pre-paid for when the box is dropped off: $179.99 per box, which is approximately 22 cents per photo or document. Once our LD Experts are done scanning your photos at high resolution, you can pick up your hard copies as well the USB flash drive with all your digitized photos on it.

  1. Back up your digital photos

With your print photographs now digitized, the next step is to save those digital photos on to your computer as well as an external hard drive or USB flash drive. That way, if your computer crashes for any reason, or a flood destroys it, you’ll still have another digital copy that’s safe and sound. Ideally, store your digital photos on multiple external hard drives. Or consider uploading them to an online drive such as iCloud or Google Drive.

  1. Separate your hard drives

Even if you shoot digital and already keep your photos on a hard drive, our LD Experts recommend backing up your digital files on an extra hard drive and keeping it in a separate location. This will help to avoid losing your digital photos in a fire, flood or other disaster. Consider keeping one in the house and one at a family member’s home.

Once your photos are safe and digitized, the possibilities are endless! Make print copies using a photo printer at home, or easily order prints and enlargements through our Photolab. You can send them to family and friends so they can enjoy those cherished photos too. If you order from our Photolab, you can even have those prints sent directly to their home anywhere in Canada, or to their nearest London Drugs Photolab for pick-up. You can also get creative with all the different ways you can share your images: photo books, calendars, or wall décor just to name a few. Bring new life to old photographs that had previously remained unseen. After all, photo memories are meant to be shared.

To get you started, we’re offering 10% off everything in our Photolab, from Friday September 29th through Sunday October 1st! Just use the promo code SAVEYOURPHOTOS at checkout, when you order from our London Drugs Photolab.


January 23rd, 2014

Make Old Home Videos New Again Online

YesVideo image for iOS launch

London Drugs is now the first Canadian retailer to offer customers the ability to transfer vintage home movies for archival on DVD and online viewing. Through a state of the art transfer process that keeps files safe, while creating high-quality professional digital memories, customers will be able to access cherished family moments anytime, anywhere, on any connected device – computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected televisions. They will also be able to capture still photos from their video – literally creating a photo from their past that never existed before – and share them via Facebook and Instagram with one click of the mouse or tap on the screen.

August 26th, 2013

Restoring Old Photos


The Great Photo Project: Part 4

By Angela Ford, photo blogger

Last month I started the Great Summer Photo Project, an endeavor to get my photos off the hard drive, out of the shoeboxes, and into books and albums where I can enjoy them.

This month’s topic: correcting, restoring, and retouching old photos.

Do-it-yourself retouching

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I love to play around with photo editing. That said, I am just a dabbler—so I called up Nikki Castonguay, Photolab Production Manager, to get an expert opinion. What kinds of restorations can a beginner do, and which are best left to experts in photo retouching?

This is a broad question, but can you give me a general idea of photo restorations that are easy for home users?

Well, it really depends on how much experience the customer has working with correction software. A lot of hobbyists are quite adept at fixing little things. It can’t hurt to play around to see what you can do—you can always undo your changes. My best advice is to make a digital copy of the image as a backup before you start.

June 26th, 2013

Restoring precious photographs in the wake of the flood

NikkiLondon Drugs wants southern Alberta flood victims to know that if they have photographs damaged by the floods, we can help to restore these photos and memories. Whatever the size or shape your photographs are in, please bring them into our photolab and get help from a London Drugs photolab technician.

A conversation to discuss the damage costs nothing, and any restoration work is being offered at 50% off, in the wake of the flood devastation. We can do reconstruction of torn, water damaged, muddied material. We can do complex additions of multiple people and objects if necessary. We can repair minor scratches and repair heavy damage to detailed areas. Here is one of our photolab technicians, Nikki Castonguay, to explain more on how London Drugs can help:

We are #heretohelp

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