October 7th, 2013

Create The Perfect Card

By Angela Ford, photo blogger

Shopping for cards can be a frustrating experience. The image, the words, the look must be just right to truly communicate the sentiment. I spend a long, long time looking for the perfect card, and by the time I realize the third one was the best, I am on the seventeenth card and I can’t remember what #3 looked like.

Making your own photographic greeting card is about the same cost as a nice greeting card, but it is tailor made by you. Choose a personal photo and say exactly what you want and your card will deliver precisely the right message.

To get your creative juices flowing, I created some sample cards using Home Edition. (You can download this free software here).

Anniversary card

Greeting Image 1 Wedding

You want to knock your spouse’s socks off? Create a romantic, personalized photo card that captures the loveliest moments of your relationship.

I made this sample card using a bright, white wedding photo. After playing around with different frames and borders, I chose a photo mask in Home Edition to create an oval shape that fades into white. The mask accentuates the lightness of the image.

Image 1: Font choice matters! This one is called Harrington, and I like it because it is formal, with just a little whimsy.

Condolence cards

Greeting Image 2 Condolence

Condolence cards are so hard to choose, it can be tough finding exactly the right message for someone who is emotional and raw.

Condolence cards are a wonderful way to send a message of love and comfort. Find a picture that expresses the person who has passed away and include a personal message. This is a particularly nice way of informing the family that you have donated to a charity in lieu of flowers.

Image 2: Your own floral photos would be lovely for a condolence card, paired with a personalized message to express the sentiment perfectly.

Greeting Image 3 Dog

Thinking of you

A dear one has moved away and you miss her: how can you send a little smile? I love pet photos—dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, everything but snakes, really—and it is endlessly amusing to imagine these animals sending their own greeting cards.

Image 3: In one image, Hazel’s face expresses just how much she misses you.

Thank you

Greeting Image 4 GardenOn your vacation, loved ones have opened their home to you. To thank them for their hospitality, take an image of the host’s garden, or another meaningful photo. You can even order the card before you leave. Take your SD card to a photolab kiosk, create your card, and it will be ready in about 24 hours. Pick it up, sign, and leave it behind as a touching expression of your gratitude.

Image 4: I how this mask cuts the image into nine images—it makes like you are looking through a window.


Greeting Image 5 Camping

For those who get together for annual ski trips, campouts, reunions, or other get-togethers, a personalized invitation sets the mood for the event to come. Find a photo that captures the fun and spirit of the outing, and pair it with a pre-designed frame for a quick, lovely invite.

Image 5: This photo is ideal for a card, since there is ample space in the sky to add words. Here I used white lettering and a casual font, which go perfectly with the pre-designed border that has a stamp-like edging.

Try for yourself

Creating custom greeting cards adds meaning and sentiment to your message. It is a simple, inexpensive way to express love, happiness, sympathy, and appreciation.

To get started, download the free Home Edition software and give it a whirl. It takes just minutes at your computer, a few hours to print, and your card is ready to go.

If you prefer, you can build your photo cards in-store at the London Drugs Home Edition kiosk. When ordered at the in-store kiosk, single 5×7 folded greeting cards are available for pick-up same day.

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