August 15th, 2014

If they’re good enough for your wall, put them on your walls!

When it comes to photography, the phenomenon known as the social media wall certainly inspires some peculiar behaviour. And I’m not just referring to the subjects—because when you think about it, the photographer’s own behaviour can often be just as strange.


Whether it’s a traditional scenic shot from your Flickr page….

Think about how about ‘the wall’ has affected our behaviour as photographers. For example, take a typical day at beach, or some type of social gathering; whereas in the past we may have been content to simply capture the moment and then return to being in the moment ourselves, we now obsess about capturing the perfect shot. We badger our subjects with endless retakes, often as we simultaneously play around with different filters, screens and effects.

Of course, when we’re not retaking ourselves into oblivion, we’re wandering around holding out our camera phone like it’s James T. Kirk’s tri-corder. Either that or we’ve got it tucked into our belt or back pocket like a pistol—ready to draw and shoot at the drop of a hat, like a gunslinger in a spaghetti western.

Mind you, this is all just the process of just taking the picture; to say nothing of the editing, cropping and yet more experimenting with filters and effects. Then there’s all the tagging, mentioning, hashtagging and channeling our inner Oscar Wilde (or Patton Oswalt) to come up with the perfect witty comment to accompany the post.

Yet, my fellow photographers, here is the real crazy in all of this: we go through all of this effort just to post our photos on a social media site, where they will appear in our friend’s/follower’s feed for all of a few measly hours! Yes, the pics will stay on our own page wall where they enjoy a little longer shelf life. But I guess my point (and I do have one) is that all we really gain from a photo on a wall is a few fleeting moments of interaction—or occasionally the Holy Grail of social media popularity, the ‘like’.

Father Son

Or a fun, personal shot from your Instagram or Facebook wall, if you love it, turn it into a tangible, lasting print.

Lest you think I’m being too judge-y; I recognize that pretty much everyone posts photos online these days, myself included. And I’m not arguing that we should all stop. But has our fascination with our social media wall come at the expense of our actual, physical wall?

It doesn’t have to. All we really need to do is take a few of our favourite ‘wall’ photos and have them made into prints that would make our home and office walls come alive with artistry and personality. No matter what your tastes or style of photograph, the PhotoLab has plenty of ways to make it happen. You can stick with the tried-and-true enlarged photo print in a frame, or your can explore the possibilities of a fine art print. Choose a bamboo print or canvas gallery wrap, or go with ultra-modern look of a metal print. Prices are comparable to a decent-quality art print you’d find at a furniture or print store (with the added bonus of being unique to you). And the PhotoLab makes the whole process extremely easy—especially compared to the aforementioned rigmarole that accompanies photography nowadays.

And though it’s a familiar refrain on this blog I will stress it again: You don’t need to be a pro, or shoot like a pro. (Although if you take a lot of photographs, I’m willing to bet you have at least a couple of truly amazing shots in your library.) But if you’re lacking a masterpiece, don’t worry; simply arrange your favourite from-the-hip candids into a collage to present a cool and unique story of your life. If you like, if you include a few selfies of your washboard abs and favourite ‘duckface’ pose, you can even make your real wall resemble your online wall 😉


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