August 14th, 2014

World Photo Day

Happy World Photo Day!

Flowerbug - World Photo Day

Credit: Chris Charousset, World Photo Day 2013 online gallery

For everyone who loves photography, August 19th is a day to rejoice. If you’ve never heard of World Photo Day (WPD), here is a brief quote from the official site:

“Founded in 2009, World Photo Day hosted its first global, online gallery in 2010 with the goal to unite local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography.

Since its initial launch, The World Photo Day project has grown from an idea into a global event as photographers around the globe have joined the celebration.”

It’s about time, right? Why not have an official day to celebrate photography? After all, like music and cuisine, photography is one of those things that transcends borders and cultures and unites us as humans.

Rollinghills_World Photo Day

Credit: Luca Francini, World Photo Day 2013 online gallery

Anyway, if you’d like to get involved (and if you read this blog, why wouldn’t you?) the best way to participate is to grab your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot—and upload your best shots to the WPD gallery online which is open for submissions between Aug 19-26. The online gallery is an absolute must-see for any true photography lover, as the images people have posted are as brilliant and amazing as you’ll see anywhere. Be sure to check out all the galleries from previous years as well.

Whether you’re a pro or just a casual photographer, WPD is a great opportunity to show your appreciation and celebrate one of the world’s most pervasive, accessible and democratic art forms.


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